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Paranormal Romance narrator/dialogue - Georgia Bragg (pseudonym)
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Cozy Mystery M/F French, Southern accents - Jenny Hoops
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Non-fiction Self-Help, Storyteller - Jenny Hoops
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Fiction Horror, M/F Southern, French accents - Jenny Hoops
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YA Child/Adult M/teapot - Jenny Hoops
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YA Teen M/F dialogue - Jenny Hoops
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Jenny Hoops is a versatile audiobook narrator. With degrees in psychology and biology, she relishes science-related non-fiction and complex whodunnit fiction.  

Jenny loves acting, and excels at many accents, including American (Standard, mid-west, New England, southern, Texas, west-coast), Canadian (French and English), British (RP, Cockney), Spanish, Italian, German. Her non-fiction work includes biographies as well as current events and news.

Jenny's varied career: environment inspector, event coordinator, motivational speaker, soccer mom, and now narrator. In her spare time, she visits nursing homes with her friendly dog, and cheers her sons at biathlon races.

Jenny lives in rural Alberta, Canada, and records from a professionally-equipped home studio.

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